Discover Milos

Discover Milos

Milos island is one of Cycladic islands and is located at the southwestern part of Cyclades. Its main port, Adamantas, is one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean. Milos’ capital is the picturesque village of Plaka.

Milos was once the island of pirates. Coming from a fairy tale, it is considered, fair enough, as one of the most beautiful islands of Cyclades and the ultimate tourist destination. It has a rich history and is mythologically known as the island of Aphrodite.

What makes Milos so special is its unique morphological and geological composition. The rocky surfaces formed by the volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago, its aquamarine and crystal-clear waters, its sandy beaches and its caves, have all created an idyllic landscape.

Stroll through the quaint alleys of the island, swim in the beautiful beaches, or relax and enjoy the famous sunset in Plaka. Milos has more than 75 beaches. The most popular of them are Sarakiniko, Tsigrado, Fyriplakas, Papafragas, Fyropotamos and Achivadolimni. In addition, if you have your own boat, don’t forget to visit Kleftiko and Sykia.

However, Milos has also many more beautiful things to see since its rich history. Specifically, the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore and Naval Museum, the Mining Museum, its churches, and the famous Palaiochristianic Catacombs of Milos are all worth visiting.

Casa Litore is located in Pollonia, a serene place where you can find the relaxation you need, as well as traditional taverns with fresh seafood coming directly from the nets of local fishermen. The accommodation is just 300 meters away from the Pollonia beach.

Pollonia is the second port of Milos, after Adamas, and there are boats there which can take you to Kimolos. You can alsο reach within a short distance several beaches, such as the well-known Sarakiniko (9km), the caves of Papafranga and the Alogommata beach.

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