9 March 2018
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Road Trip

Road Trip 4Milos is an island that combines a unique geological morphology, sunshine and beautiful beaches as well as a big history. It also big enough […]
6 March 2018
Boat Trip milos Boat Trip Boat Trip Boat Trip milos

Boat Trip

Boat Trip  When you visit Milos, you should grab the opportunity to go for a boat trip. Milos’ beauty is unique and the best way to […]
6 March 2018
Diving Diving                    1 960x680


Diving  At the bottom of Milos sea there is a whole new world to discover. Apart from the beauties of the seabed that every dive offers […]
6 March 2018
Trekking Trekking                      1 960x680


Trekking  If you love trekking, you will love Milos’ paths. Milos consists of white rocks formed by volcanic eruptions and hidden paths. Its rare geology is […]